Selling your home in Wingfield Reserve

Information for Realtors/Sellers in Wingfield Reserve:

Wingfield Reserve has specific signage rules per the HOA covenants.

If you need to install a For Sale sign, here are the instructions:

  • Contact Sentry Management to begin the process. Direct contact to: Marlo Sanders (407) 788-6700 ext. 51111 (
    • You will need to mail or drop off a check or money order made out to Wingfield Reserve HOA for the amount of $200.00 to: Sentry Management 2180 West SR 434 Suite 5000, Longwood, FL. 32779

The sign post is provided by the association for a charge of $200 – $110 and is a refundable deposit that is mailed to you when the house is sold and the sign is removed by the HOA.

*Realtors need to order their own sign insert panel to be placed on the sign post: Sign insert panels need to be provided by the REALTOR.  The sign insert panels should be manufactured from aluminum with a white background and forest green lettering. The insert panel should measure 12” long X 9” high: the letters shall be standard block print and shall not exceed 2” in overall height. The printed matter on the sign insert panel shall be limited to three (3) rows setting forth the following information:

Wingfield Reserve HOA – For Sale Sign insert:

1st Row Name of Real Estate Agency listing the property for sale or the or the word “OWNER” if property is being offered by the owner.

2nd Row A telephone number to call to obtain additional information.

3rd Row the name of the individual listing agent if applicable.

*No flags, balloons, attachments, panels, etc . . . . of any kind including “Sold”, “Sale Contract Pending”,
“Reduced” shall be permitted to be fastened to the fixture or displayed on any Lot/Living unit.

When the house is sold the management company is to be contacted to arrange to remove the sign.
Contact: Marlo Sanders – Sentry Management 407-788-6700-x 51111.

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