Home Maintenance

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In the current housing market, our property values must compete with surrounding neighborhoods which are all well groomed and maintained. The appearance of each home and our common grounds is used to assess the value of our homes in relationship to other communities. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain your property in accordance with the Association’s covenants.

Compliance is critical to ensure property values of the community are maintained at an optimum level. Please make sure that your property is in compliance.

While the covenants provide a complete listing of the requirements that each homeowner must adhere to, the following questions are provided here to assist you in maintaining your home and property to the standards of our covenants.

You shouldn’t be able to say yes to any of the following, if so it means some action is likely to be required on your part.

Streets and Parking

  • Do you have a boat or RV parked in the driveway?
  • Are you intending to hold a garage sale?
  • Does your vehicle leak oil or fluid on the street?
  • Does your mailbox need painting or need to be replaced?
  • Is your home for sale and are you using a “For Sale” sign that is different than the wooden signs available from Sentry?


  • Do you make alterations to your yard or landscape without using the ARB approval process?
  • Do you water more than two times a week, or disregard the St. Johns Water Management Districts rules on watering?
  • Does your yard need edging or mowing?
  • Is the material used to border or fill your flower beds inconsistent around the home?
  • Does the ground cover, mulch or bedding need to be replaced?
  • Does your yard have overgrown weeds, brown spots or dead grass?
  • Do your hedges, landscape or trees need trimming?
  • Are there any dead tree limbs, palm fronds or shrubbery?
  • Are there mildew stains on the sidewalk or driveway?
  • Is the garbage bin or yard debris visible on days not scheduled for collection?
  • Do you throw trash, clippings, or dirt into our lakes or common areas?


  • Do you make alterations to your home exterior (including paint, fixtures, fencing, edging, tree addition, tree replacement & decor) without going through the ARB approval process? Get the form here
  • Is your satellite dish visible from the street?
  • Is your pool pump, air conditioner or any other home utility equipment visible from the street?
  • Is your home exterior paint faded?
  • Are there cracks or mildew on your home exterior?
  • Are there mildew stains or black streaks on your roof?
  • Do any of your shingles, windows, fixtures or screens (including pool) need repair or replacement?


  • Do you allow your dog to run loose without a leash?
  • Do you disregard the courtesy of picking up after your dog in your neighbor’s yard, on the common grounds or on the sidewalk?

Safety and Courtesy

Do you or your family members drive faster than the posted speed limit on our community roads?

Please be safe, courteous, maintain your home and keep your neighborhood beautiful. Our property values depend on everyone taking good care of their homes!

  • Are You Leaving for Vacation?

    The Seminole County Sheriff's department offers a house watch service. Deputies who patrol our neighborhood will periodically check your house while you are gone. If you are planning on taking a trip soon, please take advantage of this wonderful FREE program. Please note that the procedure for setting up a House Watch has changed. A form must be filled out and given to the Sheriff’s Office prior to your departure. For more information about this program and how to sign up, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Bear resistant garbage cans

    If you have questions about your bear resistant garbage can, or your can gets damaged and needs repair or replacement please contact:

    WastePro - 407-774-0800