January Newsletter

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Letter from the president:

Greetings Wingfield Reserve residents;

Your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) board of directors wanted to give you an update on a few of the things that the HOA board has been involved with over the last six months or so. Among many other things, we have acted on each of the following:

  • Interviewing companies to install our holiday lights in 2018 as a result of unsatisfactory results this year,
  • Continued the focus on security using off-duty Seminole County Sheriff Deputies,
  • Approval for HOA payment of the extra fees associated with handling the bear-resistant trash cans (and we have also worked with the County for this additional fee to be covered under the county’s waste management contract next year),
  • Installation of a basketball goal and striping for pickle ball on the tennis courts,
  • Creation of a landscaping plan for the north entrance pond that would include clumps of Spartina and more cypress trees,
  • A review of the storm water system in the neighborhood after recent storm events and heavy rainfall, and
  • Pressure washing at the entrance and along the curbs and gutters across the neighborhood.

We approved a new budget for 2018 that does not increase the HOA annual dues and we have sustained a substantial reserve for emergency expenses. We continue to work with the Architectural Review Board (ARB) on issues related to compliance with the neighborhood covenants. We also regularly have conversations with elected officials in Seminole County and with Duke Energy and other entities that service our neighborhood.

Your board works through Sentry Management to implement many of the day-to-day tasks and we appreciate the involvement of Marlo Sanders as Sentry’s representative for Wingfield Reserve. The board will continue to represent the interests of the neighborhood and work to sustain Wingfield Reserve as a distinctive and wonderful place to live.

There is always a need for new board members who are interested in helping to manage challenges and proactively seek to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. If you would like to be involved, please reach out to any of the board members cited in this newsletter.


Jay Exum

Security Update:

Wingfield is still considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the area.  During the Holidays, when school starts, and other times throughout the year, we schedule extra shifts for our Security teams to monitor the neighborhood.  If you see our SCSD team, please stop by, and introduce yourself to them.

Recently we had a couple of incidents that only point out how important it is to be aware.  The week of November 12th we had one neighbor catch a potential intruder on video near their car around 4:00AM on Wingfield Drive.  When the security lights went on he immediately left. This video is currently posted on the “Wingfield Reserve Residents” Facebook page. Our SCSD Security team followed up this video and event.  Also that same week a turkey was hit by a driver and the turkey was killed.  Both of these events were reported on the “Wingfield Reserve Residents” Facebook page.  

I am encouraging everyone to call 911 or 407-665-6650 to report any suspicious activity.  Then share on Facebook if appropriate.  If reported to SCSD, both our security team and the full SCSD will jump on it and help to make us all safer. Happy New Year!

Mike Bledsoe -WRHA Treasurer and Security


Social Committee:

Happy New Year!

Typically over the course of the year we have 2-3 social events, unfortunately, Hurricane Irma put a damper on our Annual Casino Night party so we have now re-scheduled for February 24th at the home of Susie and Mike Reale, 1881 Wingfield Drive.  This is a very fun event open to all Wingfield Reserve Residents 21 and older.  Watch for information and RSVP by email, text or FB. We will hopefully be able to have the 2nd annual Wingfield Easter Egg hunt and also have a Kick off Summer neighborhood Ice Cream Social sometime in May.  We are always in need of people for the Social Committee, so please contact Becca Geeslin, Susie Reale, Courtney Dobson, or Dale James if you want to be part of planning and helping at any or all of the social events, you can reach out to us on the Facebook page or also the website email.

Pickle ball anyone?  We have a new basketball goal and pickle ball lines have been added to our tennis courts!  We will be putting together a morning of Pickle ball instruction so you and your family can learn how to play!  Look for information in the next few months for the date and time!

Remember that we are a Bear Wise Community:

What is a Bear Wise community?  Last year, Wingfield Reserve neighborhood joined our neighbors in the Wingfield North neighborhood adopting Bear Wise rules.   The Wingfield Reserve HOA bought bear proof trash cans for each residence, and is paying for the bear trash can service for two + years.   Our mission as a neighborhood is to reduce bear encounters and continue to live side by side with all of our wildlife. More information and Wingfield’s Bear policy can be found on our website:


Becca Geeslin



Please remember to bring trashcans in at night.  Our neighborhood has been fantastic using the Bear proof cans that were provided and helping us be truly a Bear Wise community.  

Remember that if you are going to make changes to your landscape, or to your paint, roof, driveway etc.  You need to fill out an ARB form (found on our website or by contacting our Management company – Sentry management).  Also, if you are removing trees from your property, please try to replace them. We do live in Wingfield Reserve!

This is a special neighborhood bordering the Wekiva Reserve, and what makes us unique is the incredible old growth trees and vegetation that thrive here.  Understandably, there are plants and trees that must go, but try to replenish so that our neighborhood will continue to have beautiful trees and plants for your grandchildren to enjoy

Visit our Website and watch our signs for information:

Remember to visit our website: to find out more about ARB forms, and answers to questions about our community.  Problems with your bear proof trashcan? The information you need can be found on our website.  Contact information for your Wingfield Board members, as well as contact info for Sentry Management can also be found on the website.  You can also update your email by sending us your information through our “contact us” link.

Please join us at our Annual Board meeting in February.  Date, time and location will be posted on our signs!

  • Bears

    Bear resistant garbage cans

    If you have questions about your bear resistant garbage can, or your can gets damaged and needs repair or replacement please contact:

    WastePro - 407-774-0800
  • Are You Leaving for Vacation?

    The Seminole County Sheriff's department offers a house watch service. Deputies who patrol our neighborhood will periodically check your house while you are gone. If you are planning on taking a trip soon, please take advantage of this wonderful FREE program. Please note that the procedure for setting up a House Watch has changed. A form must be filled out and given to the Sheriff’s Office prior to your departure. For more information about this program and how to sign up, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Contact Us

    Please send us any questions about the community or updates to your email address so we can keep in touch with you!