January Newsletter

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Newsletter January 2019

Letter from the President:

 Happy New Year!

With 2018 already behind us, and the beginning of the 2019 New Year, I wanted to take a minute to identify some of the key actions that the Wingfield Board has worked on this past year. Before I begin to recap, I wanted to point out the dedicated members of your Board of Directors:

  • Mike Bledsoe, President
  • Michael Reale, Treasurer
  • Dale James, Secretary
  • Keith Jacobson, Director at Large and ARB Chair.
  • Rebecca Geeslin, Director at large and Social/Media contact.
  • Marlo Sanders, Sentry Management
  • We changed vendors for the Holiday Lights and made them available earlier this year. Contracts for the services have to be made months in advance to get the vendors we want and best prices.
  • In 2018 we changed our Pressure washing company to David Sumner, a resident of Wingfield and he did a fantastic job for us, my wife and I and many other residents, personally use him and he is excellent! In 2019 David Sumner has decided to concentrate on homes and we wish him well. Our 2019 contract will be with D & W Exterior Cleaning, who we used in previous years.
  • This year the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department has increased the hourly rates for their deputies for security details. The board looked at the increases and to maintain the current level of services, and in addition to the increased costs to maintain our aging infrastructure, we elected to increase dues to just over $50 more per year.  This is the first increase in our dues for over a decade.
  • Your ARB is very active and updating our community standards. This year the Board and ARB reviewed our tree removal policy.  Our community is known for its beautiful trees.  The policy requires a one-to-one tree replacement.  The new tree can be placed on the property anywhere the homeowner believes it best fits.  Please see the ARB tree policy posted on our website:
  • The security cameras at both entrances were replaced and are working. We have an ongoing agreement with a vendor to check them.
  • The 2019 annual meeting has been scheduled for February 18, 2019 at the Primera SCSD offices.
  • We will continue to add extra SCSD security shifts during all of the Holiday seasons this year as we have done in the past.

Your Wingfield Board meets monthly to manage our fantastic community.  Every day I drive home I comment on how beautiful Wingfield is and how glad we were able to find a home year over 22 years ago.

Warm regards,

Mike Bledsoe, President WRHA

Architectural Review Board (ARB) – Reminders

One common theme among homeowners, whether they are new or long established in Wingfield Reserve, is a strong appreciation for our vibrant mature trees and tree canopy. Our trees are a big part of what puts the “reserve” in Wingfield Reserve.

Over the years, our community tree policy has primarily focused on the removal of trees by requiring ARB approval before removing trees. Today, we are finding more trees in our community that are aging. Some are diseased, dying, or dead. Others may now be overgrown or causing a potential hazard. This is raising the number of requests to remove trees.

To keep our community tree vibrant and to maintain our “reserve” aesthetic for both today and tomorrow, our tree policy now needs to not only focus on the removal of trees, our focus also needs to be on the replacement of removed trees. With this in mind, our Wingfield Reserve community tree policy has been updated to make our priorities clear. Here are some of the main points:

  • ARB approval is required to remove any tree, for any reason, four (4) inches or greater in diameter.
  • One for One (1 for 1) replacement for each tree removed. Each replacement tree is to be a minimum of ten (10) feet tall and two (2) inches in diameter and to be of equal type to tree removed (ARB will consider requested exceptions to same tree type for approval).
  • Stump grinding and removal of debris are requirements of the tree removal procedure.

When submitting an application to the ARB to remove tree(s), the homeowner also needs to submit their tree replacement plan. For quick ARB approval, the ARB application information to include: number and type of tree(s) to be removed, location, reason for removal, type of replacement tree(s) and location to be planted.

Please review the full tree policy for more information. A copy of the policy can be found and downloaded on the website.


Social Committee Messages:

Happy New Year!  Would you like to be involved in helping plan our social activities in the neighborhood?  If you would be interested in planning the social events and working with a great team of people that are volunteering their time to help make these social events possible, please let us know! You can find the Board’s contact information on our website:

We had a Fall Family Ice Cream Social at the end of October that was held it at the Dobson residence on Deer Hollow this year.  It was so fun to mingle with our neighbors and great to meet some new faces!   Because we don’t have a clubhouse in our community, our social events are typically held at the Tennis Courts, or by a gracious neighbor that offers their home as a gathering spot.  We also held our annual Cookie exchange in December hosted by the Reale family at their home, which was very festive and fun!  We are hoping to have another Casino Night for adults 18 and over in the Spring, and will be having a Spring Family Social and Easter Egg hunt in April.  Look for the dates, times and location to be announced.

We will remind our community of upcoming events by posting on our signs at both entrances, by email blasts, and on our Facebook page.  We also will mail a postcard to each resident for social events.  We like to have people RSVP because it helps us determine the amount of food/drinks we will be providing.  All of our social events are free and typically include entertainment, food, light snacks, and beverages.

If you have not updated or submitted your email to us, please do that so we can communicate effectively and efficiently for events, security updates, and other critical information that affects our neighborhood.  You may be missing out!

You can visit our webpage to find information about our community, and to send correspondence to our Wingfield Reserve email address.  You will find contact information for our board members as well as useful information regarding policies in our neighborhood.  You can request to join our closed private Wingfield Reserve Facebook page.  This page is open only for Wingfield residents.

Bear-proof Garbage Cans

We are proud to be a Bear Wise community!  Since the purchase of the Bear proof garbage cans for the entire neighborhood a few years ago, we are proud to say that our neighbors have really done a great job working together to discourage bears from lingering in our neighborhood in their search for food.  With all homeowners using the bear-proof cans, the bears do not have an easily accessible food source, and will continue to move on through the neighborhood instead of stopping to “picnic” like we were seeing a few years ago.  These cans have made a noticeable difference in the past 2 years, helping to decrease the contact we have with bears.

Garage doors should be closed as much as possible, and any pet food should not be left out or stored in screen enclosure areas.  Bears can smell food miles away.  The bear-proof cans need to be stored in the garage, as the scents from the garbage linger and can attract bears if the cans are left outside. On garbage days, the cans should be brought down to the curb by 6AM, and retrieved by end of day, not to be left out overnight.  Any surplus non-food trash can be put out at the curb in regular garbage cans.

The HOA purchased a bear-proof can for each residence, which is to remain with the house, even if the current homeowner moves. The HOA has covered the additional Waste Pro charges for picking up the cans for the past 2 years, so there is no extra charge to the homeowners.  Waste Pro has now eliminated that extra charge, and moving forward there should not be any extra charge to the homeowners or the HOA.

If you need to purchase a new bear-proof can, there are some available at Lowe’s or on-line.  Waste Pro has some, but there is a long waiting list to purchase one from them.  For damaged cans to be replaced or repaired please contact  Since these original cans are out or warranty, there is no guarantee the can will be replaced or repaired.  They will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you again for your continued support, we are very grateful to all our neighbors for keeping this a priority for our neighborhood.  It is great to be Bear Wise!  Please check out the complete Bear Wise policy and find more information on our website:


Important Reminders:

  1. The contact person at Waste Pro in case a can is damaged will There is no guarantee the can will be replaced or repaired, as they are out of warranty.   It is the homeowner’s responsibility to use a bear proof can and keep it maintained.
  2. If a streetlight is out, homeowners can call Duke Energy at 866-372-4663. Duke just requires the street address of the pole and they will come out to fix it.
  3. Remember to follow the county watering guidelines and restrictions in places for watering at your house. You can find this information at:
  4. Please make sure to keep your house, driveway, and sidewalk in front of your house (if you have one) pressure washed especially if you have mildew building up.
  5. If you see something suspicious in our neighborhood, you are encouraged to call 911 or the non-emergency line 407.665.665 and let them know. And if you are going out of town, please use the Seminole County Sheriffs House Watch Program while you are gone.  Information is on our website about the House Watch Program.


There is a lot of great information about our neighborhood on the website, check it out!  And remember, if you are not receiving our emails, we don’t have your email contact!! So please provide us your email so we can keep you informed.

  • Bears

    Bear resistant garbage cans

    If you have questions about your bear resistant garbage can, or your can gets damaged and needs repair or replacement please contact:

    WastePro - 407-774-0800
  • Are You Leaving for Vacation?

    The Seminole County Sheriff's department offers a house watch service. Deputies who patrol our neighborhood will periodically check your house while you are gone. If you are planning on taking a trip soon, please take advantage of this wonderful FREE program. Please note that the procedure for setting up a House Watch has changed. A form must be filled out and given to the Sheriff’s Office prior to your departure. For more information about this program and how to sign up, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Contact Us

    Please send us any questions about the community or updates to your email address so we can keep in touch with you!